Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Brain Drop Number Seven

My first recollection of my first alien encounter was just that.

An alien encounter.

When I was very young, the only thing I could think that was happening to me was that I was being visited by vampires or ghosts while I was sleeping, or that I was having extremely vivid dreams. No one ever talked about the possibilities of an alien existence outside our world, or that they would be here amongst us without our knowledge.

As I got older, I began to see pictures on book covers that struck a familiar chord with me. It was a drawing of a "typical" gray alien, and from that moment on, the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. Well, I thought they did then, but know I feel as though the puzzle has fallen on the floor, and all the pieces are laying in a pile. All of the research I had done was now defunct, and it was back to the drawing board for me.

I thought I had all the answers, via the powers of the internet, and through various witness's testimonies. I was an experiencer, a contactee, and I had been abducted. This was comforting in an odd sort of way, as although I wished not to belong to this group who had been taken against our will and been experimented on, at least I "belonged" somewhere. This past year has been the most enlightening one for me by far, and the most confusing, all because someone came forward and said that they were a MILAB.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, a MILAB is someone who is abducted by our own military. Most MILAB's abduction experiences began when they were very young. They were abducted by the military for various reasons, such as, but not limited to, medical experiments, hybridization, and military black operations. Most MILABS had family members who worked for military or government agencies, or they did themselves. Most MILABS had their IQ's tested when they were very young. Those children who were considered extremely intelligent were put into special classes for the extremely gifted. They were also sent so "special" summer camps, where they honed their "special" abilities.

All of the above pertains to me. When I was born, my father worked for Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, California, and my grandfather worked for Cal Tech in the same city.

My father would bring home these weird electrical boxes and give them to me, and tell me to take them apart and put them back together again. I have no idea why, but I understood how to do this at 6 years old. My grandfather was involved in the first Apollo mission, and made the first hammer that went to the moon. It is presently floating around in space somewhere with his name on it, or is it? My mother had my IQ tested when I was 5. I scored very high, and subsequently

I was placed in classes for the highly gifted in elementary and junior high school. I went to various summer camps, but I have no recollection that any one of them were "unique".

So who was it that visited me, and experimented on me? This definitely throws a wrench in the mix. My question to you experiencers out there is this- does any of this ring true for you?


  1. Suzanne, thank you and YES, it rings true. I am an experiencer, contactee, psychic, and MILAB. No members of the family in the military but I have a Grandparent who was a physician living in Dayton, Ohio who was asked to come out to Wright-Patterson AFB a lot during WW2 and after to treat Operation Paperclip Nazi Scientists. I also have another Grandparent on my Father's side who was a member of the UN Legal Council from 1962-1966, taught Int'l Law at Cornell, and literally was the architect for international law as we know it- he wrote "The Law of Nations in 1928 or so and it was used as a standard textbook for many years for law students everywhere. I also have a mother who is a Psychologist and had my IQ tested when I was 8 or 9 or so and subsequently I also tested extremely high- 149. I was also briefly placed in a gifted program for science in 7th grade as well as was at a gifted visual and performing arts school in Pittsburgh when I was in 6th grade. Thank you for posting this and I think there needs to be more public discussion of this in the media- researchers are missing out on a goldmine of information if they ignore the MILAB/contactee/experiencer conundrum. It is at their peril if they do so. If I hear one more interview about what the UFO looked like or how many lights they saw in the sky I will scream. Propulsion systems are so very marginally interesting to me at this point-they are only a symptom of something larger and far more complex- if researchers are doing their homework, they would know that what is inside the craft and how that craft is flown (telepathically and symbiotically) and why the craft is even there in the first place is what is really important. By all means feel free to check out my blog: if you are so inclined. I have chronicled my experiences within the military industrial complex and as a contactee - there are competing factions over me, probably for you as well- and that this subject is so much more complex and varied than is discussed in most available literature and media on the topic. It deserves better treatment than it has and I really wish so many researchers would stop being so myopic and drop the lights in the sky routine already and get to the heart of the matter already. This is a human rights issue more than it is about anything else. MILABs could possibly be happening to as much as 2% of the world's population at any given time according to my research. That's a hell of a lot more pressing to me than "was it a blinking light or a steady light?" Thanks again for posting and keep speaking your truth. In the light, Anya

  2. This blog seemed familiar, don't know where I've read it before somewhere....nothing in the first 3/4 of this post seem familiar, but the part starting from when you were born...this part seemed like I've read it before... maybe I have somewhere..don't know...
    But very cool...

  3. Yay. ANOTHER layer to add to the already very complex picture! If you hit the "covert operations" tag on my blog, you'll see what I have so far on milabs. Definitely suspicious.

    Since I was born in 1970, there was kind of a backlash on the "gifted students" thing by then and we smarties weren't allowed to skip grades or go to special camps or anything, because we needed to be "socialized" to normal people. Or so went the theory then. Because my sister was mentally disabled, they had me tested at 3 at a university, and my I.Q. was found to be around 160. On a good day, I test between 164 and 168. (But I have a chronic illness that can make that score vacillate wildly the other direction.)

    For what its worth, I do not think alien abductions are all milabs. I think most milabs are re-abductions of the secret military to gain information about what happens to us during alien abductions. But the temptation to use the power over people gets abused by people in that program, and YEAH... horrible.

    However, that is something you have to test out for yourself. I've gone back and forth over it many times before finally going full circle back to where I started!