Monday, March 3, 2014

Mike Clelland interviews Suzanne Chancellor on Hidden Experience

blogger and podcaster
Fellow Blogger/Podcaster Mike Clelland interviews Suzanne. As these two are in constant contact, their unfiltered exchanges often lead further down the rabbit hole than they'd expected to go. Here you'll get a glimpse of one of those conversations.

Mike recently presented for the first time at the 2014 International UFO Congress in Arizona (which was a BIG DEAL for him) where he shared his research in a talk titled: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee which is currently available on DVD HERE.

 Mike's blog is linked HERE
and his podcast HERE

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Grant Cameron / audio interview

Canadian researcher Grant Cameron, author of UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants, is best known on the lecture circuit for his in depth research on UFOs and the presidency. In this interview he shares that certain events have changed his focus towards consciousness, altering his views on the ET presence and their interactions with the human race.

Grant is presently researching the possible ET influence in the music industry by exploring how they are connected to certain musicians who have openly shared their contact experiences.

Grant's website linked HERE.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Audio conversation with author and contactee Miriam Delicado

In the beginning of 2013 while doing research for my book I came across a woman named Miriam Delicado upon reading a beautiful note she had posted that really hit me where I lived- so much so that I chose it as my mantra. Although I feel this message was pertinent to a specific time period it is quite powerful, thoughtful and worthy of sharing.

Message from Miriam Delicado

There has been a real shift in the past few weeks, and many of you might have felt something moving inside of you, or shifting spiritually. What I’m picking up on, and the messages that are coming are that we are moving from a time of choice, to a time of transition and change. I know for quite a while I’ve expressed to many of you this concept, that we’re all in this time of choice. And whatever choices we make at where we’ve been for the last couple of years is really going to lead us to where we’re going in the future. There’s a tiny bit of crossover period between the choice, the time of choice, and the transition. That’s sort of where we’re at- we’re at the beginning section of going into the transition. What that actually means is that for example, if there are individuals out there who are really focused on nothing more than the material world, they’re probably going to be staying in that material world. If there are people who have been focusing on themselves spiritually, it means that they’re opening themselves up to the spiritual recognition within, and with their connection to the universe, this planet, and to humanity.

So, these connections are going to become stronger, and stronger and stronger each week and each month that we progress into the time of transition, and this time of change. It also means that those individuals who have good hearts, we’re really going to be able to see who these people are. And the people who have slightly different agendas out there who are not a benefit for humanity, or the earth- that’s also going to be seen. So when you’re looking around at your friends, your co-workers, or people in general, you may be able to pick up more clearly now more than ever before as we move into this time of transition, about who they are deep within themselves, and what it is they choose to have in their lives.

If people are deceitful, that’s going to be seen by everyone. If they’re of good heart, and they’re true, that’s going to be seen by everyone. This is a process that we've been building up to, and many of you have been seeing this over the last few years, but this is turning into and even higher step in the transitional phase that we’re going into. So just be aware of that, to hold on, because there may be a lot of overwhelming emotions that come with this. There also could be overwhelming understandings and concepts that all of a sudden you have awareness of that you didn't have before, and there could also be upsets, where maybe you’re in a relationship that has been difficult because your partner has been on a more materialistic path, and you’ve been on a spiritual path. It’s going to become even clearer now, and it could be that what you need to in order to work with that relationship, those answers on how to retain the relationship may also become clearer for you.

So it’s an encouragement that we’re moving into this time of transition, and with each day, and each week, and each month, these things are going to become more and more intense. Part of the reason for this, which has been discussed in the past is where we are in the cycle of the universe, and where we’re sitting in relation to that universal energy. So as a result we are also seeing many different changes on the planet as well. Remember that it is up to us within ourselves to hold the balance of energy. And I know for myself this is not always possible. It is really difficult to hold a centered place of balance in this world, being in such chaos, and flux. However, whatever it is that we have inside of us has the ability to change the situation around us, in our immediate vicinity, and it can also move into the earth, and into the universe.

So, this is part of the collective consciousness. Now, collective consciousness works on many different levels, and the collective consciousness that I am currently talking about, is the consciousness of the threat of thinking, that happens in this world between human to human all over the planet, and what the thinking on the people of the planet actually is. There has been a great movement, spiritually from many walks of life, in many different religions and belief systems that are really coming to an understanding, that we’re connected, and we’re not really working against each other, that we all have that thread that says that we are all divine beings, and that that is what we are doing on the planet as divine beings.

So this is just a little note that I wanted to put out there to all of you, to let you know that I’ve had very clear, perceptive intuition and messages that we’re moving into this time, and just to prepare yourselves. If you don’t meditate all the time, start thinking about doing that also. I myself have stepped up my meditations, and really connecting with that energy so that it can flow through you more freely. When we’re not connected with that energy is when blocks will come up in our lives. So think about those blocks, and where they are in your life in relation to this energy, and really accept that because we’re working with the time of change, our thoughts are going to have quicker reaction time for seeing those results coming back to us.

So stay positive, no matter what the situation, and remember that everything is always in a state of change. So even if you’re having difficulties in one or more areas of your life, and if you see and you’re looking out at the world at all of these devastating events that are happening, from man-made events to earth changes, remember to keep yourself balanced in that energy. Go into a meditation, sit down and pray. Think about calming thoughts, connecting with the earth, connecting with whatever belief system you have, and remember to be gentle with the people around you because they are experiencing the exact same thing you are but might not be as good as you to verbalize it.

Take care, and Carpe Diem.

Visit Miriam's home page HERE

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A conversation with Peter Robbins

I recently had the pleasure of being a presenter at this year's Experiencers Speak 2 conference in Portland, Maine where I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Peter Robbins.  As I was most familiar with his book "Left at East Gate: A First-Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident" which he co-authored with Larry Warren, I was not aware that he was also an accomplished painter, was passionate about and had done extensive research on Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy, and had a sister who was a well known punk rocker in the Big Apple back in the day with whom he shared a UFO sighting that ultimately changed his life as he knew it.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Random thoughts on family ties to JPL in the 1960's

In the 1960’s my father was employed by JPL, otherwise known as the Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, California as an engineer. A native Californian, he graduated from Pasadena City College where he met my mother, then from UCLA as salutatorian of his class. She was quite young when they first met, graduating from high school at 16 and enrolling in college at 17. They married on June 3 1961 when she was 19, and I was born the following year.

He was a good father, always paying me attention albeit his busy work schedule. When I was 6 years old I remember him bringing something home from work. Three tiered and separated by spacers, this box-like thingy was about 18 inches wide and 12 deep, had all sorts of toggles and switches on the top level followed by wires and circuit boards on the bottom two. It seemed quite fancy at the time (very archaic now), and I was fascinated by all its bells and whistles. My first thoughts were how did it work, and what was it for?

odd electronic circuitry, drawn from memory

He left the room and came back with two screwdrivers, a Phillips and a flathead. Laying them down next to the strange device, he told me to take it apart and put it back together again to see if I could get it to work. I thought what a strange thing to ask of a 6 year old. How on earth was I going to complete such an odd request? Left alone in the room, I did as I was told.

And it worked.

As proud as I was of myself, I got no reaction from my father. He just looked at me, picked up the circuit board thing and walked away. All that for nothing, and it was just odd.

I have always been mechanically inclined, and I wonder if it had to do with his prompting of such tasks. As a mother myself and looking back on this I find it quite strange for a parent to ask such a young child (especially a girl) to take on something this complicated as I would never have imagined my own daughters completing such a thing at that age. Obviously my father’s brain is wired much differently than mine.

In 1969 he left JPL and we moved to a small town one hour north of Los Angeles to work for another company as an electrical engineer. We settled into the quiet neighborhood quite nicely, as there were many young families like us on our cul-de-sac. My mother, a Danish immigrant was quite pleased to find that our next door neighbor was Icelandic with two daughters the same ages as me and my sister, and my father seemed to enjoy his new job.

I was a voracious reader and would often peruse their library of books in my mother’s sewing room. Her selections included the likes of Jacqueline Susann and Erica Jong, but my father’s books hardly suited him. I had no idea who the authors were at the time, but upon reading them I was left with more unanswered questions. Why on earth would a left-brained person be interested in what Edgar Cayce or Carl Jung had to say?

One day he came home and abruptly blurted out that we were no longer allowed to attend church. My Lutheran raised mother had embraced the religion since childhood, carrying on the tradition with her young family here in America. She asked him why he would say such a thing, and he responded that he had become an atheist. I suddenly became very angry as I loved going to church, and I ran into my bedroom and slammed the door.

Upon recently reading about Jack Parsons, the cofounder of JPL and his apparent ties to the occult, a Pandora’s box has suddenly been opened. Had my father had been tied to any of this, the black magic that surrounded Parsons and quite possibly (subliminally) the whole of JPL? Before meeting an untimely death on June 17, 1952, Parsons joined and eventually lead the Ordo Templi Orientis, or O.T.O. which was Aleister Crowley’s American lodge of magical order in Pasadena, located just 4 miles from where we lived. Originally modeled after Freemasonry, it might very well have had an influence on the company as well as everything associated with it. Did my father leave JPL because of something that happened there, turning him away from organized religion and God altogether?

I hardly blame my mother for her feelings of alienation from my father after their divorce in 1976. He never seemed the same after that, in fact many years later my mother shared that he had suffered a nervous breakdown after leaving JPL. Needless to say, I was not the least surprised when he told me he had bought a rifle and a boa constrictor as my mother would have never allowed either one in our home.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Judy Carroll, Australian author and contactee talks with Suzanne

Judy is extraordinary as she is in direct contact with otherworldly beings and has an extraordinary message to share.

Her My lifelong Encounters have always been with those Beings known on Planet Earth as 'Greys' or 'Zetas.' Contact with extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional Visitors is a perfectly normal part of life for many Tribal People on Earth. The Native American People for example refer to our ET friends quite familiarly as the Star Nations, and do not experience fear in their presence but rather look upon them with great honour and this includes the 'Greys' so denigrated and feared by many Westerners.

Her books on alien contact include:
~ The Zeta Message
~ Human by Day, Zeta by Night
~ Looking Through the Eyes of Love
~ Looking Through the Eyes of Wisdom
For more information on her experiences and research, visit Judy's site HERE. One-click listen or download.
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