Saturday, July 16, 2011

Random Alien Brain Drop Number 9...Number 9...Number 9...

For the past couple of weeks, things have been presented to me very quickly, and in very peculiar ways.  I came in contact with someone who is a fellow experiencer, after listening to his incredible journey in an online radio interview.  His experiences were very compelling, and he seemed very credible as his intuitions of coming world events were spot on, and he attributed his heightened psychic ability to his two near death experiences.

To say the conversations that ensued were very enlightening would be mild in comparison to how informative they really were, and I suddenly became that kind of information junkie who never stops asking more questions.  But, there were always more answers than I could wrap my head around.  I compare it to being in the Sahara desert, completely parched, and someone pulls up in a Sparkletts truck, with more water than you could consume.

During one of our conversations, about three hours into it he tells me that he is getting a message. He stops.  Then he says that he has goosebumps, and that "they" are giving him a message for me. I asked him who "they" were, and he says the ones who contact him.  The Pleiadians.  I sat there, completely stunned, nervously awaiting the message.  He tells me that I am going to be "international." and that I am going to go to different sites all over the world.   He then proceeds to tell me that I am going to be working on a certain project, which is exactly THE project that I am working on.  I am stunned.  There is NO WAY he could have known about this, as I never told him about it.  He then tells me directly, NOT the other project that I was thinking about prior to the second one.  Again, I am completely blown away.

He proceeds to tell me that I need to open myself to them, for they have many messages for me.
He instructed me to asked them, directly.  I went into the backyard, sat under the wind chimes, and did as I was told.

What happened next, was amazing.  Suddenly, my thoughts were not my own.  I felt as if a crowd of people were telling me things all at once, in unison.  I told them to STOP ( I actually think I said it out loud), and to speak one at a time.  They stopped, and they spoke to me in unison, but said the same thing, together.  The message that they gave me was posted in my previous blog, so if you scroll down, you can read it there.

Since that day, incredible things have begun to happen to me.  Synchronicity upon synchronicity, heightened psychic awareness, and precognitive dreams.  I am no stranger to these psychic dreams as during certain periods of my life I've experienced this, and they seemed to correlate to extremely active periods of visitations, and/or abductions.  

In the first dream, I felt as though I was whisked to another place, not here, but to another part of the world.  I "happened" upon the scene of a tour bus accident.  I was running to the bus, and as I did so I noticed that there were five other people running alongside me.  We all looked at each other as if we "knew" one another, but we shifted our focus back to the reason why we were there.  

The bus was laying on its side.  I don't exactly remember how I entered it, but I get the feeling that I just"appeared" inside of it. The bus was full of women and children, and I was immediately drawn to one woman in particular and her infant daughter.  She looked at me with complete desperation, and for some reason I knew that she didn't speak English.  She pleaded with me, telepathically, to please help her baby.  I looked down and saw that her daughter was wedged beneath the seat which had collapsed, and I proceeded to pry the seat off her, trying my best to keep from injuring her any further by doing so.

The child was wailing, and she had a gash on her chin and a bruise on her cheek.  I was able to free her, and when she was loose I helped the mother free as well.  I looked around to see where the other five people who entered the bus with me were, and I saw that they were all attending to the injured as well.  I scanned the interior of the bus to make sure that no one was gravely injured, or had succumbed to their injuries, and after assessing that everyone else didn't have any life threatening injuries I was suddenly whisked back home where I awoke in my bed.

I awoke completely shaken by what I had just experienced, and felt that it was SO REAL, that I was compelled to google "tour bus crash July 7 2011".  This is what I found.

I have no idea what happened.  Was I sent there via astral projection? Did time overlap, or did I remote view this?  And who were the others that came there with me?  

The next night, I dreamed about a friend of mine, I'll call "Eddie".  Eddie is a "regular" patron at the bar where my boyfriend worked for nine years.  To put it bluntly, "Eddie" is a drug dealer, but I do not judge him, as he is what he is, and he genuinely is a nice person, and I have no reason not to like him.  I might not like what he does for a living, but that is not my journey.

In the dream, "Eddie" storms into my house, and I ask him what the heck is going on?  He says that the cops are after him, and that he is "holding", and asks if he can hide his stash in my house, which I refuse.  He pleads with me that he has a warrant for his arrest, and he cannot be caught with drugs, as it will violate his probation.  I refuse again, and he runs to the window, and peeks through the curtains.  The police car is out in the street, so he takes his stash, and throws it out the side window.

I woke up that morning, feeling as if that dream was again VERY real.  I think about it, and put it aside, and go about my day.  That night, I went to visit some friends for happy hour at the same bar that is "Eddie"'s hangout.  I walked in the back door, and I look across the room, and "Eddie" is putting money in the jukebox.  I walked over to him, and told him that i dreamed about him last night.  He asked me what happened, and I told him that I thought he needed to be very careful.  I said that I was having these psychic dreams lately, and in the dream he was running from the cops.  His jaw dropped.  He said that last night, he and his best friend had gotten into a fist fight, and that he looked across the street and saw a police car, so he ran to his neighbor's house to hide.  And as he was hiding, he peeked through the window, and saw that they were parked in front of his house!!!

Although these dreams took place last week, I am still trying to figure out what my role in all of this is.  Any thoughts?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Alien Brain Dropping. Better L8 then never.

Remain open, and you will receive.  This was the message I received today.

" I am here.  I always have been.  The subtle messages that you have received during this earth mission were intended for you, but you were not open enough to truly understand their meaning.  Every moment of deja' vu, or synchronicity, were comprehended as mere coincidence.  What you need to understand is that they were intentional, but you were too "young" to see them as such. 

The tools have always been there, and although they were always available, you have never chosen to use them, until now.  Like the other day, when you opened the drawer looking for something, but you could not see it.  You looked again, and it was right in front of you.

The time that you asked us to show ourselves to you,  during a time of complete distress, we did so.  Yes, that was us, and we re here.  You saw us because you were open.

Now is the time of your true awakening.  The messages that you have received in the past will now come forth in the present.  Because you have awakened, they will make perfect sense.

The feelings regarding certain people being in your life for a reason, is correct.  We have connected you with one another, but pay close attention to the ones with whom you experience great synchronicity.  Reevaluate what role they play on this earth mission,  and the answers will be given to you.

Your path was written before you arrived at your present existence.  You are here now to complete this task, as it is of great importance that you connect with the other star seeds, so that you may enlighten the others, who are not yet open, so they may see the paths that have been set for them".