Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Alien Brain Dropping. Better L8 then never.

Remain open, and you will receive.  This was the message I received today.

" I am here.  I always have been.  The subtle messages that you have received during this earth mission were intended for you, but you were not open enough to truly understand their meaning.  Every moment of deja' vu, or synchronicity, were comprehended as mere coincidence.  What you need to understand is that they were intentional, but you were too "young" to see them as such. 

The tools have always been there, and although they were always available, you have never chosen to use them, until now.  Like the other day, when you opened the drawer looking for something, but you could not see it.  You looked again, and it was right in front of you.

The time that you asked us to show ourselves to you,  during a time of complete distress, we did so.  Yes, that was us, and we re here.  You saw us because you were open.

Now is the time of your true awakening.  The messages that you have received in the past will now come forth in the present.  Because you have awakened, they will make perfect sense.

The feelings regarding certain people being in your life for a reason, is correct.  We have connected you with one another, but pay close attention to the ones with whom you experience great synchronicity.  Reevaluate what role they play on this earth mission,  and the answers will be given to you.

Your path was written before you arrived at your present existence.  You are here now to complete this task, as it is of great importance that you connect with the other star seeds, so that you may enlighten the others, who are not yet open, so they may see the paths that have been set for them".

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  1. Suzanne,

    Who wrote this? Was is a psychic message to you? Was it channelled?

    Please lemme know,
    Mike C