Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Alien Brain Drop Number 14

I am highly speculative of anyone who claims to have all the answers. We don't really know why these things have been going on for thousands, if not millions of years here on earth. Generations upon generations have speculated about this amazing phenomenon, based on archaeological findings, and personal experiences.

There seems to be a recurring conclusion to these hypotheses, which leads us in the direction of realizing that maybe it's really just a comparative study of our own interpretation of such events, and findings. I am an experiencer, and have been for 46 years, and I have learned so much on this journey. But the one thing that is very clear to me, is that no one person has all the answers. We as a human race are far too primitive to even comprehend these answers, nor are we qualified to be able to articulate the correct questions.

To say that this whole enigma is bigger than us might be redundant, but it should actually impress on us the need to remain open, consciously and spiritually, so that when the day finally does come to face what is destined for us, we will at least be able to comprehend part of the equation.