Friday, June 17, 2011

Random Brain Drop Number One

I am reposting this, because for some odd reason it completely disappeared from my archives.

After hearing story after story of female abductions that involved egg removal for alien hybridation, random thoughts (or memories?) have flooded my brain. In 1989, during the most incredible visitation i had experienced thus far, "they" told me that these memories would return, when it was "time". The memories of my childhood visitations and abductions are quite sparse, as of my brain is only "allowed" to grab single snapshots here and there. I believe that this is because those memories were either "deleted", or purposely suppressed, as they were most likely quite horrific. I think that most abductees are not randomly selected, and that they already have a plan for that one particular human "specimen" from beginning to end. Therefore, by suppressing these memories it allows the abductee to avoid the post traumatic stress of reliving the experience, and the possibility of suffering a nervous breakdown, which would disrupt their plan they had for that particular individual. Awhile ago, i began having a lot of dreams of being pregnant, and of holding a little baby girl in my arms. They were so real, and they were the same type of dreams that i had during both of my pregnancies, which resulted the births of two beautiful girls. The one thing that sticks out in my mind the most, was a beautiful woman handing her to me, and telling me that her name was "Grace". I was allowed to hold her, but then she took her away. I was not the least bit saddened by this, as i knew there was a bigger plan far beyond my comprehension at that time, and that i would see her again.

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