Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Brain Drop Number Four

I was four years old, and in preschool.  It was the beginning of June, and we were all in the classroom getting ready for naptime.  I always dreaded this part of the day because i hated taking naps, and i would always just lay there completely bored our of my skull.  As soon as it was over, it was recess, my favorite part of the day.  We all went outside, and i didn't feel like playing with anyone, so i went off by myself.  I thought it might be fun to do something different for a change, so i went exploring outside of the playground, as there was an opening in the chain link fence that i could fit through, and i wandered out into the field behind it.  I noticed that a little ways out there was what appeared to be an abandoned barn, or shed of some sort, so i decided to go inside and check it out.  When i went inside, the sunlight creeped in through the wooden slats, and rays of light streamed in which gave an eerie diffused atmosphere.  I noticed an old saddle in the corner, and some hooks with a couple of bridles on them, and i knew then that it was indeed a barn.  I heard something move around in the rafters to see what it was.  It was a beautiful owl, and it was staring down at me.  I had never seen an owl before, and i was awestruck.  At that moment i started to hear a buzzing sound, like a swarm of bees, or maybe even June bugs, after all, it was June, so that made sense to me.  But then the barn's interior became extremely bright, as if it were lit up bu a flood light.  It was so bright that i had to cover my eyes, and it became so loud that i had to cover my ears!  I couldn't decide what to do- cover my eyes or plug my ears, so i knelt down ob the barn floor and squeezed my eyes shut and plugged my ears in absolute fear. What was happening???  I wanted to run out but i knew if i opened my eyes it would be too bright to see where the doorway was, so i decided to remain on the floor until it stopped.  I got into the fetal postion, and layed there for what seemed like only a few minutes.  When i could tell that the noise had finally stopped,  i opened my eyes, and everything was pitch black.  How could this be???  I looked at the doorway and it was DARK OUTSIDE!  What was happening??  Then i heard people outside the barn calling my name, and i distinctly heard my mother's panicked voice.  I got up and ran outside to a group of people carrying flashlights.  "I am over here", i said to them  My mom ran over to me, dropped the flashlight and scooped me up into her arms.  She franticly asked me why i was hiding in there, and i told her the whole story.  Needless to say she didn't believe me, and accused me of lying.  She spanked me so hard i started to cry.  She then told me that there was going to be more of that when we got home after my father got home.  It was at that point that i decided to keep all of these things to myself, because if evn my own parents wouldn't believe me, WHO WOULD??


  1. Oh WOW..!

    That has so many parts to it... my earliest childhood memories include my repeatedly visiting a white house with "3 old ladies" at a yard at the end of an alley in Seattle, Washington. But later-- when I took my mother to see, there was no house. No old ladies. Just a yard. Other things happened that make it clear it was an abduction-- but yeah...

    I'm sorry your parents didn't believe you. No child would hide out in a barn until dark "just because" they were being naughty. Obviously something happened. Bad call there-- but my mother did the same. They didn't know.

  2. Here's the Old Ladies memory: