Sunday, October 7, 2012

Whitley Strieber interviews Suzanne

audio interview with Whitley Strieber and Suzanne Chancellor

On April 20, 2012 Whitley Strieber posted an audio interview with Suzanne. Here's what he wrote:

An Abductee Gets Personal--and Goes Public!

Close encounter witnesses rarely state their names in public, but Suzanne Chancellor not only does that, she's got a blog and a radio show, and a phenomenal story to tell. Listen and be horrified, enthralled and amazed as Whitley Strieber questions her on what happened to her and why she has taken the unprecedented step of going public not only with her information, but with her name. Is it time for others to step forward, perhaps many of us, maybe hundreds or even thousands?

What if we all did it. If enough of us say we're sick of hiding and sick of being laughed at and demand respect and state our names, we might well change the world, or take a very long step toward doing that.
Think about it. It's time.

Read the original source:

Go to the original source (HERE) on the DREAMLAND page of Unknown Country.

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  1. Whitley has been accused of working for the Government that I think is just to try and drive you THE PEOPLE away from the "TRUTH"! As a Contactee, I "DO" have some questions as to the FINANCIAL ASPECT of people who use there Contact and Abductions to further there "FINANCIAL GAINS" I, as ONE SERIOUS PERSON when it comes to Aliens, REALLY HOPE THIS IS "NOT" THE CASE! I was THERE in the PRESENCE of a GREY and make NO JOKE ABOUT IT! I have NO TIME for ANYONE that is trying to "GET RICH" off of something SO IMPORTANT to mankind! I am NOT SAYING this about Whitley, Suzanne or any other Brother or Sister that claims to have been in Contact or Abducted. What I "AM" saying is DON'T GET LOST IN THE MONEY ASPECT! BE THERE FOR YOUR FELLOW MAN! Thank you for your time, Kenny DeWit