Monday, October 8, 2012

Random Alien Brain Drop Number 16

It has been awhile since my last post.  As tumultuous as things have been on this earth these past few months, such has been my life.  But now it is time start anew, as the universe has blessed me with the most amazing synchronicities I have ever experienced.  The cosmic "boot" has finally kicked me in the ass to start blogging again, and I truly believe that this is the beginning of the next chapter of the most amazing part of my life.

Based on my research over the past couple of years I have found that many experiencers seem to possess some sort of heightened awareness, psychic abilities, precognition, synchronicity or just plain all around high strangeness in their lives.  I can completely attest to that, but what I find fascinating is that these things have increased in intensity. I am not quite sure what is causing this, but I speculate that we are all evolving, and as these things are happening with more frequency we are finally beginning to pay more attention to them. By doing so, we are collectively realizing that there really is more than "this".

The rising of the collective consciousness is a very powerful thing.  We have seen the miracles brought on by the power of prayer, intention, and manifestation.  To say that there isn't something bigger than this is completely ludicrous.

Although most of my memories of my abduction experiences are far from pleasant, they have affected my perception of what is real and tangible, and most of all they have changed what I have been taught to believe is truth.  If I had not had these experiences, I would most probably be one of the tens of millions with my head in the sand.

So maybe there was something gained from this after all.  My eyes and ears are wide open to the possibilities that lie beyond the veil, and that veil is slowly being lifted as I have finally begun to connect with everything that exists on the other side of it.

When I hear the word "coincidence", I silently chuckle as I think that word should be eradicated from the Merriam Webster "bible".  I trust that many of you who are reading this will agree with me, as we know that there is no such thing.  I base this thought on the high levels of synchronicity that surrounds many experiencer's lives, myself included.  The most amazing thing about it is that because of those synchronicities, I probably would have never thought that there was more than this existence, this plane, this dimension, and this reality which we have been taught to believe is THE reality.

I was given a very strong message last year after a meditation to pay attention to these synchronicities, especially to those whom I experience them with as they are there for a reason. You all need to do the same, as these synchronicities are the stepping stones set for you on your journey here, which will become the ladder that you climb to the ascension of your higher state of being, or in other words, your higher self.

This place where I am now marks the beginning of me, recognizing my higher self, and trusting that the path I have set from before March 26, 1962, when I crossed the veil and forgot what I knew then.



  1. The post I've been waiting for... nailed it.

  2. Right On!

    Oh, and LOVE the new look!

  3. I knew you would love it Mike!! ;)

    Didn't you notice that your blog is my FAVORITE???

  4. I'm glad to hear from you again out here in bloggoland.