Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Audio conversation with author and contactee Miriam Delicado

In the beginning of 2013 while doing research for my book I came across a woman named Miriam Delicado upon reading a beautiful note she had posted that really hit me where I lived- so much so that I chose it as my mantra. Although I feel this message was pertinent to a specific time period it is quite powerful, thoughtful and worthy of sharing.

Message from Miriam Delicado

There has been a real shift in the past few weeks, and many of you might have felt something moving inside of you, or shifting spiritually. What I’m picking up on, and the messages that are coming are that we are moving from a time of choice, to a time of transition and change. I know for quite a while I’ve expressed to many of you this concept, that we’re all in this time of choice. And whatever choices we make at where we’ve been for the last couple of years is really going to lead us to where we’re going in the future. There’s a tiny bit of crossover period between the choice, the time of choice, and the transition. That’s sort of where we’re at- we’re at the beginning section of going into the transition. What that actually means is that for example, if there are individuals out there who are really focused on nothing more than the material world, they’re probably going to be staying in that material world. If there are people who have been focusing on themselves spiritually, it means that they’re opening themselves up to the spiritual recognition within, and with their connection to the universe, this planet, and to humanity.

So, these connections are going to become stronger, and stronger and stronger each week and each month that we progress into the time of transition, and this time of change. It also means that those individuals who have good hearts, we’re really going to be able to see who these people are. And the people who have slightly different agendas out there who are not a benefit for humanity, or the earth- that’s also going to be seen. So when you’re looking around at your friends, your co-workers, or people in general, you may be able to pick up more clearly now more than ever before as we move into this time of transition, about who they are deep within themselves, and what it is they choose to have in their lives.

If people are deceitful, that’s going to be seen by everyone. If they’re of good heart, and they’re true, that’s going to be seen by everyone. This is a process that we've been building up to, and many of you have been seeing this over the last few years, but this is turning into and even higher step in the transitional phase that we’re going into. So just be aware of that, to hold on, because there may be a lot of overwhelming emotions that come with this. There also could be overwhelming understandings and concepts that all of a sudden you have awareness of that you didn't have before, and there could also be upsets, where maybe you’re in a relationship that has been difficult because your partner has been on a more materialistic path, and you’ve been on a spiritual path. It’s going to become even clearer now, and it could be that what you need to in order to work with that relationship, those answers on how to retain the relationship may also become clearer for you.

So it’s an encouragement that we’re moving into this time of transition, and with each day, and each week, and each month, these things are going to become more and more intense. Part of the reason for this, which has been discussed in the past is where we are in the cycle of the universe, and where we’re sitting in relation to that universal energy. So as a result we are also seeing many different changes on the planet as well. Remember that it is up to us within ourselves to hold the balance of energy. And I know for myself this is not always possible. It is really difficult to hold a centered place of balance in this world, being in such chaos, and flux. However, whatever it is that we have inside of us has the ability to change the situation around us, in our immediate vicinity, and it can also move into the earth, and into the universe.

So, this is part of the collective consciousness. Now, collective consciousness works on many different levels, and the collective consciousness that I am currently talking about, is the consciousness of the threat of thinking, that happens in this world between human to human all over the planet, and what the thinking on the people of the planet actually is. There has been a great movement, spiritually from many walks of life, in many different religions and belief systems that are really coming to an understanding, that we’re connected, and we’re not really working against each other, that we all have that thread that says that we are all divine beings, and that that is what we are doing on the planet as divine beings.

So this is just a little note that I wanted to put out there to all of you, to let you know that I’ve had very clear, perceptive intuition and messages that we’re moving into this time, and just to prepare yourselves. If you don’t meditate all the time, start thinking about doing that also. I myself have stepped up my meditations, and really connecting with that energy so that it can flow through you more freely. When we’re not connected with that energy is when blocks will come up in our lives. So think about those blocks, and where they are in your life in relation to this energy, and really accept that because we’re working with the time of change, our thoughts are going to have quicker reaction time for seeing those results coming back to us.

So stay positive, no matter what the situation, and remember that everything is always in a state of change. So even if you’re having difficulties in one or more areas of your life, and if you see and you’re looking out at the world at all of these devastating events that are happening, from man-made events to earth changes, remember to keep yourself balanced in that energy. Go into a meditation, sit down and pray. Think about calming thoughts, connecting with the earth, connecting with whatever belief system you have, and remember to be gentle with the people around you because they are experiencing the exact same thing you are but might not be as good as you to verbalize it.

Take care, and Carpe Diem.

Visit Miriam's home page HERE


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