Monday, February 20, 2012

Random Alien Brain Drop Number 15

I have no conscious memory of having any physical abductions since 1989.   Since then, all of my contacts have been through telepathic communications, synchronistic events, or precognitive dreams.  I say this because after many years of horrific abductions, my experiences changed.  Did they change because of my own heightened awareness, or did the beings that I have been involved with evolve themselves into another conscious state?  Maybe it is our collective conscious awakening here on earth that keeps them at a distance.

I feel that the human race is angry.  Picture now the scene from the movie "Network", where everyone professes that they're mad as Hell, and they're not gonna take it anymore. They hate their governments, especially we Americans, who must live within the laws of the bastardization of the Declaration of "Independence".  So might this be the catalyst for us to collectively fight back for our rights?  Might the combined energy from this anger be a shield of sorts to protect us from the malevolent abduction scenario?

I am finally coming to terms with what has happened to me throughout my life, and at the same time the all too familiar abduction scenario seems to have changed shape.  As I have become more consciously aware, the energies that previously presented themselves have taken a back seat, and only appear in the periphery.

Last July I began to meditate quite frequently, as was suggested at the time by a fellow experiencer. One night while dog sitting,  I went to bed and asked whomever was communicating with me to give me a message, and what it was that they wanted from me.  I tucked myself in, and went to sleep.

I awoke with a start.  I looked at the clock, and it was 3:33 am. I felt wide awake as if I hadn't been sleeping at all.  The dog was fast asleep next to me which was interesting as when I looked towards the bedroom door I saw three grays standing there, almost at attention.  My reaction to their presence was baffling, and I actually chuckled as I felt no fear from their presence in the room. Then they spoke to me telepathically, "We are the grays, and we are here".  

At that moment I felt a sense of protection, as if there was a higher energy keeping them from coming in contact with me.  I compare it to a stand off at high noon, waiting to draw our weapons. But they just stood there.  I laughed again, and they turned around and walked away.

Were they there just to make their presence known, that they will always be a part of my life?  Is another energy intervening, and protecting me from their malevolent energy?  

Maybe they just walked away, knowing that I am mad as Hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore.


  1. 333 has been poking inside my life for a while, too.

  2. You wrote:

    "I am finally coming to terms with what has happened to me throughout my life"

    Mike C replies:

    This feels the same to me, although our experiences seem a little bit different. And I am not sure what "coming to terms" really means, maybe it simply means: "I'm tired of being freaked out."

    Mike C!

  3. Hi Suzanne, I too have seen greys in my bedroom but just a short glimpse then everything went black. It felt like they didn't want me to wake up. I have written about it on my blog

  4. Yes, Mike. As far as coming to terms with all of this, I think I am finally able to accept that these things have happened, and have come to realize that if they hadn't happened I would not be the person I am today, which is a hard concept to grasp. By the way, please make note of the time of Eva's comment.

  5. This is twelve - twelve - twelve.

    And, Feb 21, and twenty-one backwards is twelve!

  6. Interesting with the numbers, I have noticed that before :-) Recently the numbers 1 2 and 3 keeps showing up everywhere...

  7. 3:33AM - seems I am ALWAYS waking at exactly that time and it's like - ok......... here we go again!
    One thing I can say - I always enjoy my experiences or at least that's the feeling I am left with - to the point where I look forward to them.

  8. Many of us have no recollections after the late 80's early 90's. Something changed...

  9. Seems that "mormonism" triggers acceptance of the unusual and unknown...and I agree, the "radio frequency static/paralysis" scenarios with "schooling" stopped after 1989...just stopped. Yet the knowledge, and my abilities at using the internet are so foreign to the way I really am or "was"....that it seems we were "preened" for this time and actions. We seem to have skills that weren't part of our being, back 30 years ago.

  10. Twisted Sister - We're not gonna take it
    Cool blog - holds a mirror to my similar old memories
    One question though -
    You get bothered with Hayfever?
    I was terrible with it and woke once to find eyes almost glued shut and amazingly a grass seed inside my eyelid...with no memory of how it got there!
    Got tons of stuff to tell

  11. Hi Suzanne,
    you are doing great, keep your mind strong and you'll be fine.
    all the best

  12. Actually, without switching numbers the 12s line up:

    2 1, 2 012 12 : 12 PM

    The first 12 has a comma between the 1 and 2.

  13. Lots of possibilities there...

    You may have just "come out of it" AFTER they had already had you and were leaving anyway. A lot of people think (hope) that they come under special protection at some point and the bad and/or scary abductions don't happen any more to them-- but with such poor memories and the mind manipulation...? Can't count on it. But then, I've been dealing with this consciously and writing about it since age 16 (1986.)

    The Bladerunner comment--? YES. Yes yes yes. There was a huge surge in abductions, including training sessions and such, up through about 1995 or so, and then abductions just went dead (or almost so, maybe quickie check-ups, as I had about one small encounter a year) until 2005 or '06-- when its as if things started up again.

    A LOT of abductees who were aware and explored their experiences talked about the entire decade where almost nothing happened. WHY? And most of the negative abductions seemed to have gone way down. I had one bad encounter in '06, and when I told the Nordic I was with about it later in the year, he looked startled and said, "That's not supposed to happen anymore." HUH?