Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random Alien Brain Drop. The Witching Hour

As far back as I can remember, I have always had things happen to me, or around me, that were amazingly coincidental.  I thought it funny, that certain events would spontaneously include someone from my past that I hadn't seen in years, or when I would think about someone, randomly, they would call me within minutes after thinking of them.

What does all this mean?  Synchronicity.  Is it precognitive?  

I have often wondered if my psychic ability is the direct result of my contact from otherworldly beings.  The more I research this phenomenon, the more I believe that it could be true. Could the telepathic exchanges occur because they tap into areas of the brain that world normally remain dormant?  The following experiences stand out the most in my memory, and they lead me to believe that I am correct.

When I was 19 years old, I was living at home with my parents, and was working at a local computer firm.  I had a very vivid dream one night where I felt as if I was a silent observer, as if watching a movie.  The scene before me took place on a golf course at night.  The moon was bright, and its light shone on the dewy manicured greens.  

I heard a car's engine in the distance, approaching me.  It's headlights shone on the grass, and I turned to my right to see a small car driving on the golf course.  The car was small, about the size of a Volkswagon Beetle.  The engine revved, and the car went squirrely.  I heard laughter, as if the occupants were obviously on a joy ride.

The golf course was full of little hills and mounds, and the driver decided to drive up one particular hill, and stop at the crest.  The engine revved, and the car screamed down the hill.  The grass was very wet, which provided no traction.  The car slid sideways, and when the driver tried to brake, it caused the car to do a 180, and they slammed into a tree.

I witnessed this whole thing.  The passenger side of the car had been T-boned by a tree.  I saw the driver get out of the car, and he was screaming.  The passenger, his girlfriend, had died on impact.

I woke up, and gasped for air as if I had been holding my breath underwater.  I felt like my dream was a horrible scene from a movie. I gathered myself together, and got ready for work.

While eating breakfast, I read the local paper, as usual.  What I saw before me, was beyond my comprehension.  A young local teenage couple went joy riding in a local golf course, and had hit a tree, fatally injuring his girlfriend.  I shut the newspaper, and told my mother about my dream.  She said that it was purely a coincidence, but I knew for a fact that I was there, at the scene, when it happened.  We never spoke about it again.

My second experience with the psychic dream phenomenon happened in 1993, when my oldest daughter was one year old.  I was going through a divorce from her father, who was Mormon.  I had converted to the religion so we could be married, and I subsequently became very involved in the church teaching music and Sunday School.

I had always been surrounded by members of the Mormon church as far back as I can remember. My mother worked for a irrigation company, and I used to babysit the owner's children quite frequently.  They were such amazing children, and very well behaved. My very first boyfriend in eighth grade, Benjie, was also a Mormon.  

At the time of my divorce, I was working as a hairdresser at a local hair salon, and raising my daughter as a single parent.  One night I had an extremely vivid dream that Benjie came to visit me, and he was wearing denim coveralls and a white T-shirt.  I hadn't seen him since he moved to Idaho in his freshman year of high school, so when he appeared in my dream I was so happy to see him again.

I opened my arms to him, and said, "Benjie, it is so good to see you again"!  I ran over to him and gave him the biggest hug.  It was real as anything, as if it was really him there and I was really hugging him.  And then I woke up.

The next morning I got ready for work, thinking about Benjie.  I went to work and I started to tell my first client about the dream that I had and how real it was.  As I was rolling her permanent, I looked out the window and saw one of my friends who attended the Mormon church with me, and he gave me a smile and mouthed to me,"Be right back".  He was a musician, and he was returning some equipment to the music store next to the salon.

Ten minutes later, he walked into the salon to say hello.  After chatting for about five minutes he said, "Hey, do you remember this guy'?  He walked to the door and opened it, and in walked Benjie!!! He was wearing blue denim coveralls, and a white T-shirt!!!  I looked at my client and said that was Benjie from my dream, and I tried to control myself as this was beyond belief.  I excused myself from my client, put my arms out and said, "Benjie, it is so good to see you again".

The next precognitive dream happened in 1994.  I dreamed I was in England, in the 1600's.  I was in a huge ballroom, dressed in a ball gown, my hair upswept a la Marie Antoinette.  The music was of the period- harpsichord, violin and cello filled the room.  A man approached me, and when I looked at him I realized that this gentleman was one of my clients at the salon.  He bowed, and asked my permission to dance with him.  I obliged.

We waltzed around the room when all of a sudden my grandmother appeared, but she was not dressed in period clothing, but in current attire.  She came in between us and said to my dance partner, "You cannot dance with her- you're a married man"!  He apologized to her, and then to me.  He bowed to me, and left the ballroom.  I woke up thinking that was so crazy, like I was really there, in a different time period.  I got up, and got ready for work.

While on the highway driving to work, I looked in my rearview mirror to merge into the right lane to exit.  But when I did this I recognized the person in the car behind me.  It was Terry- my client from my dream!  How could that be?  Out of all of the people that were driving on the highway at that time, how could he be right behind me?

I exited the freeway, and turned right.  So did he.  I made a left at the next stoplight.  So did he.  I made a right into the parking lot where I worked.  He followed suit. At this point, I am in a PANIC! I exited my car and ran into the salon.

I ran to the receptionist's station, where our daily appointment schedules are kept.  Apparently, after I had left work the day before my first client at 9 am had cancelled her appointment, and Terry had called in and filled her spot.  

I had no way of knowing this as I had checked my books prior to my leaving, and Terry was not my first appointment.

Synchronicity- what is it?  These things don't only happen while I am dreaming, as they're happening more and more while I am awake.

If you are an experiencer,  I would be interested to hear if you have had any similar experiences to the precognitive dream phenomena, or in your everyday life as well.



  1. Your stories do seem to point to a very real pattern. I've spoken to a lot of people who claim some sort of contact with UFO occupants (whatever that might mean) and they ALL report a heightened sense of psychic experiences.

  2. I wonder of the ET phenomenon is tied into people who are psychic, an that is why they have their visitation/contact/abduction experiences, or if it's the other way around?

  3. I have experienced things like this many times. Some years ago I dreamed about bombs in the subway - just hours later terriorists bombed the London subway. I also feel things about other people, knows whats on their mind and so. Sometimes there is more of this, but right now its rather calm... don't know why.

  4. Firstly, I am proud that you are public about yourself. I have found you from Whitley's web site. I cannot listen to the program, I am a Grad student and can't afford it. I am 49 and remember that 'dreams' were actually real. I realized it was more than a dream in 1989, when after I had seen a show on abductions on the new Fox, I chanted (I am a Nichiren Buddhist) to meet the aliens. I wanted to tell them they had no right to do this to people, and that the founder of my school had what seems to be ET interventions in his life, which saved him once from being executed at around 4am. I now know that I have been visited by the evil greys as well as a human looking group I know as the Elders. I have only small snippets of memories. And yes, I have been psychic and realized it more and more. I don't have dreams, I see something on the news or TV and have a flash. I can see a person and know they are ill, especially with Cancer. As well as other abilities.
    I can be reached at

  5. I recently had a vivid dream about someone I havent seen in over 15 years. I told my wife about the dream and how strange to dream about someone we both knew so long ago. The next day we were in a casino near us and my wife was playing slots and I was sitting nearby. I looked up and there was the very person I had seen in my dream. I told her about my dream and said how strange it was.

  6. I have about 3 to 5 psychic dreams a year that I remember well enough to write down.

  7. Hi Suzanne! As mentioned, I dream all the time. There is one dream I had that is amazingly similar to your golf course dream.

    One night I had a very vivid dream. There was a young man walking along the train tracks. He had headphones on and was bopping along the tracks singing and dancing to whatever he was listening to. Suddenly, I saw a train coming straight toward him. I tried yelling at him to get off the track, but he wasn't hearing me. I then woke up upset and sweating. I then thought "thank God it was only a dream".

    The next morning, I saw on the news about a man who was hit and killed by an oncoming train.

    I have many dreams, which is why I was curious about my dream about you. Who knows, we may have spoken subconsciously last night.

    It is nice to know that someone I know has dreams like me.

    I wish you well in your new project. Know that I am with you in spirit.

    Aloha - Cari